New Lawns

A new lawn provides an instant result, we not only specialise in turf, but we also lay artificial lawns. When laying turf I only use the best product on the market – Rolawn.

To achieve the best result possible the existing lawn is removed by digger or turf cutter, screened topsoil added, the area is then levelled and rollered and then new Rolawn turf is laid.  We also provide an aftercare instruction leaflet.


Artificial Turf also provides instant results and less ongoing maintenance. When laying artificial turf, I remove the old lawn to a depth of 100mm, a wood edge baton around the outside area is installed, the base is then prepared with Type 1. A wacker plate is used to compact the base. Sand is then added and finally the artificial lawn is laid and pinned to outside edge batons.


We only use top quality products and I must admit, even I find it hard to tell the difference between a real lawn and an artificial one - Why not see if you can, see our Turf gallery below!


Summer 2019 - Don't forget to:

Plan for weeds its summer after all and every plant loves a bit of sun!

Applying mulch can help keep the weeds at bay

The use of membrane will also stop the weeds sprouting through

Applying fertilizer this will help flowers grow, also fertilizing your lawn will help keep it at its peak.

Remember to keep your garden, lawn and baskets well-watered. We recommend this is done first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening. By watering you lawn or plants in the morning this helps keep them cool and keeps water evaporation to a minimum.

Insure you mow your grass on the longest setting to avoid scorching your lawn. Also applying nitrogen based fertilizer helps keep your lawn at its optimum and helps to avoid any nasty brown patches – But should this happen use grass seed and water the grass daily until the seed sprouts, ideally first thing in the morning.

Remember to dead head your hanging baskets and flower beds, by doing so you will promote new growth, keeping your flower beds looking their best throughout the summer months,

The summer months are the best time to plant the following vegetables, Beans, celery, courgette’s, peppers and squashes.




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