Hedge Trimming

We believe ‘Hedge Trimming’ is a bit of an ‘Art’ done correctly the results are fantastic, done wrongly the consequences can be devastating.


With our experience and expertise we aim to get it right first time every time.


We guarantee that all rubbish is removed by a licensed waste carrier ensuring your rubbish is recycled.


January 2018 Gardening Tips - Don't forget to:

  • Prune Rose Bushes & plant new ones if required. 
  • Prune apple and pear trees and cut back blackberry, raspberry and gooseberry bushes.
  • Prune trees - Before they bud.
  • Pressure wash Patio's, driveways and decking to remove slimy patches.
  • Start planning your garden for the summer, order bulbs, and seeds.
  • If your thinking of planting new trees or hedges, now is the best time. Likewise if your thinking of moving shrubs, do so now whilst they are dormant.
  • New lawns are best laid in early spring, from Feb.

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