Gutter Cleaning

By cleaning your gutters rainfall will be directed away from your building, this will protect the outside of the building and the foundations. We offer the following services:


  • Complete cleaning of all Guttering
  • Fix broken brackets
  • Fix broken seals
  • Install new clips 
  • Replace broken tiles 
  • Downpipe repairs 
  • Cleaning of fascias and soffits.


We also offer proof of work, via digital pictures after completion. 



January 2018 Gardening Tips - Don't forget to:

  • Prune Rose Bushes & plant new ones if required. 
  • Prune apple and pear trees and cut back blackberry, raspberry and gooseberry bushes.
  • Prune trees - Before they bud.
  • Pressure wash Patio's, driveways and decking to remove slimy patches.
  • Start planning your garden for the summer, order bulbs, and seeds.
  • If your thinking of planting new trees or hedges, now is the best time. Likewise if your thinking of moving shrubs, do so now whilst they are dormant.
  • New lawns are best laid in early spring, from Feb.

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